Strategic Management
Strategic Management 策略管理 (Course ID: GMBA7100)

An Integral Part of Both Your GMBA & Critical Thinking Training

Strategic Management is a course that will develop your ability to both think critically about, and plan, business decisions and strategy. The primary question this class aims to investigate is what makes some firms more successful than others? That is, what strategies can be implemented to ameliorate the stress of a competitive business environment and propel one’s business to a new level?

This is a core course for a good reason. You will learn how to use essential analytical tools such as both internal and external analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, horizontal diversification, vertical integration, the better off test, and much more.

The class is taught in a traditional master’s program fashion. There are popular case studies assigned each week, many of which are taken straight from the world-leading business school curriculum. During class, you will then focus on a particular analytic framework to apply to the reading you’re required to have completed prior to the class. After acquiring this knowledge, you are then challenged to apply it in a group project and present your analysis to the class. Strategic Management will quickly teach you about the consequences of poor strategy and potential of a well-developed one. The ability to think critically and analyze business strategy is essential to any MBA grad’s repertoire, do not underestimate the applicability of this class!   

This course is taught by professor Jung-Yun Han, you can browse her profile



Written by:

 Kevan J. Karstunen