Service and Operations Management
The Service & Operations Management 服務與營運管理 (Course ID: 749EM1160)      

The Service & Operations Management course is designed to enhance your ability in managing the company’s resources and procedures in transforming inputs to outputs as products or services which satisfy the customer’s needs.

The key question of all businesses is ‘How to maximize company’s profit? The professor will guide you to understand how to identify the right amount of the right product(s) to supply to customers at the right time, so that be able to outperform competitors. Topics to be covered in this course including Inventory control, Process management, managing process constraints, Operations, and Supply Chain Strategy, Predictive Analytics, Forecasting demand for services, Sales and operations planning, Flexible supply chains, and more.

Real-life company case studies are carefully selected by professors to offer students realistic ideas of corporation operations on top of the theoretical knowledge. Discussion and engagement in class are encouraged and believed to be an ideal approach to inspire students to think, question, and learn.

A company visiting the project in this course allows students to understand and investigate the production or service procedures of a corporation. Students would practically analyze the processes with the application of taught knowledge, plus identify the procedures and areas which have the potential to be improved and suggest feasible enhancements to the companies.

GMBA students would be well-equipped through studying this core course, which the obtained skills are applicable at workplaces thus highly valued by employers.

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Service and Operations Management course review by Paul (Keerti Pha.)