Philip Chang & Michelle Chao

Philip S. Chang 張上緖

Finance and strategy professional with broad global experience managing projects for growing businesses thru times of change — including market entry, M&A, and fund marketing.
Two years in deal advisory for startups and mid-size companies. Prior to that, strategic communications and crisis management, in team leadership and front office roles serving multi-national corporations, and top-visibility individuals. Proven ability to translate concepts and numbers across functions, and languages.
Professional skills include financial and operations management, negotiation, talent development, facilitation, and communications.
Graduate of Indiana University. Degrees in finance, international studies, journalism, and a minor in film studies.

Michelle Chao 趙琳

 - Graphic designer and marketer
- Worked in a consumer electronics company for four years prior to GMBA
- Graduated from the 
University of California, Davis with a double major in Design and Psychology and a minor in Communication