Student Lounge
The Global MBA Student Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the College of Management, Building I. Students have to obey the policies when taking the advantage of the space.
  1. All personal belongings must be placed inside the individual lockers. The top of the lockers is not a storage area. All items placed outside the lockers will be disposed.
  2. If you are the last one, turn off all the lights and the A/C when leaving the lounge.
  3. Keep the lounge door closed at all times. Visitors must be accompanied by a Global MBA student.
  4. Keep the noise at a conversational level.
  5. Do not remove the furniture from the lounge.
  6. Do not vandalize or damage any part of the lounge facilities, area, and space.
  7. There is no scheduled maintenance; students must clean up after themselves.
  8. GMBA students must adhere to the policies set by the College of Management.
Lounge Locker
There are 120 lockers located in the student lounge for rental. Students who want to rent the locker need to understand the compliances:
  1. GMBA students who wants to use the lockers in the lounge must submit a registration form to the GMBA office.
  2. Maximum period of renting a locker for each student is 2 years.
  3. GMBA office reserves the locker renting priority to the first-year students, and then the second-year students.
  4. The rental fee is FREE but users must pay a deposit fee of NTD500.
  5. Users must remember to complete the locker returning process before leaving NTU/graduating from NTU. GMBA office will not provide additional reminder on this matter. Those who failed to complete the process, GMBA office reserves the rights to confiscate items stored in their lockers.
  6. GMBA Office is not responsible for any lost or damaged items stored in the lockers.
  7. Once user notices that there is a malfunctioning to his/her locker, he/she has to report to GMBA office immediately.
  8. The deposit fee will be returned upon the time when the users stop renting lockers within the 2-years maximum period. Those who failed to meet the requirements below, their deposit will be automatically forfeited.
(A)the user damages the locker. (all the costs associated with the replacement are on the user’s responsibilities)
(B)the user exceeds the 2-years maximum period.
Steps to rent a locker

           Step 1: Check with the Global MBA Office for available lockers.
           Step 2: Fill out the Global MBA Lounge Locker Application Form at the Global MBA office.

           Step 3: Submit the application form to the Global MBA Office with TWD500 deposit.

GMBA Lounge Printer Instructions

 There is a printer in the student lounge for students to use. Students who want to get the printing cards need to understand the compliances:

  1. To use the printer,100 NTD per card with 100 NTD top-up amount. Bring at least 100 NTD (cash only),.you need to purchase a printing card from GMBA Office.
  2. This card can only be used on the GMBA Lounge printer. The card will expire when the user complete the deregistration procedure and graduate. Money stored in the card will not be refundable.
  3. Choose the type you need to buy.Due to the card setting, it can only be divided into all printing black and white or all printing color .
  4. 1 NTD per page in black and white; 5 NTD in full color. Document scanning to a flash drive is free of charge.
  5. To top up the amount, please come to GMBA Office. The minimum value is 100 NTD.
  6. You may come to GMBA Office and appoint someone to be the new user of the printing card. Then the money sorted in the card will still be valid for using. Without such notification, the printing card will expire automatically.