Quantitative Research Course

This class is purpose-built to walk students through the process of topic generation, literature identification and management, data collection and analysis, as well as the formalities that go alongside academic writing and formatting. 

Specifically, this course helps you start your thesis, develop your topic and build a relevant literature list, introduces you to practical data collection tools and helpful data analysis techniques using R, as well as data interpretation skills.

Upon completing this course, you will have a complete Thesis Proposal and a clear idea of how to complete your thesis.


 Quantitative Research Methods for Thesis Research論文量化研究方法

  • Instructor: Leon van Jaarsveldt 堯里昂

  • Credit: Elective, 1

  • Date & Time: TBA   

  • Details please see the syllabus.

  • Classroom: TBA

  • Curriculum Identity Number: 749 M1430