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Credit Transfer Application Regulations
Advisor's Introduction
Graduation and Oral Defense Documents (Updated: Jan 2021)
1. Find your advisor
2. Oral defense application
2.4 Thesis Draft/Thesis Outline

3. Necessary forms for the Oral defense (GMBA Office will prepare all the necessary documents after your application)
4. Graduation application withdraw

5. Other relevant information
Mandatory Pension Contribution & Voluntary Pension Contribution claim applications

By fulfilling an employment procedure, international students may work as student assistants inside NTU. As an employer, NTU must save an amount of money into a pension account each time when student assistants receive their salary. As soon as international students graduate from NTU and decide not to live and work in Taiwan, they may claim back their pension.

All these steps must be completed by international students and this should happen after finishing NTU online de-registration procedure and before leaving Taiwan. 


Step 1: Fill out the application form
Step 2: Give the form to GMBA office for approval
Step 3: 
Go to NTU Cashier Division (at counter B3) with the following documents
- The application form
- A copy of your ARC
- A copy of your bank book (must be the same while you have received salary from NTU)

Note: You should not close this appointed bank account Or your pension money cannot be transferred into your account.

If you have other questions, please contact