Alumni Interview: Anna Sheng
Alumni Interview, Apr 2019.

Anna Sheng, Class of 2017

Anna is a local from Shanghai.  Her friends from other places or countries came to Shanghai to study and work, but she never went out of Shanghai for further study or living outside before.  Around 5 years’ working, she felt her life was boring and full of everydayness.  So a friend from Taiwan recommended NTU as a turning point.  She was very surprised to know that she was the only student from Mainland in GMBA in the same term!  Holding the excitement and curiosity, she started her two and half years’ journey of life and study in NTU and Kyoto University.

Q1. After finishing your Dual degree in Kyoto University, what are you doing now?  Is this the same career path before you come to Taiwan?

I am now working as a legal supervisor in an online education technology company, whose founder is very coincidently from Taiwan. There seems to be the destiny that ties me and Taiwan together.

From a lawyer to a legal advisor in a startup company, the career path in the legal field seems alike, but different in standpoint now, thanks to the experience of MBA in both NTU and Kyoto University. 

Q2. What is the main reason for you to pursue an MBA given that your bachelor’s degree is law? 

I always believe that legal background is a way of thinking in analyzing facts and reasons, not how many laws and regulations are remembered. All the analyses could not leave without experience and visions that gain from life.

I was born, growing, studied, and worked in Shanghai, where is an internationalized metropolis. However, the world needs to be touched in person. So I chose to pursue an MBA that could both enrich my experience and deepen my understanding of management incorporation.

Q3. Did you experience any culture shock when you are in Taiwan and Japan?  And did you targeted to have a Dual Degree when joining us?

All courses taught in English was my first challenge, I spent some time catching up, and realize the big gap between my Taiwanese friends who are so used to this all English environment and their active behaviors also touched me in the heart.

Although I did not target to have a Dual Degree before, I feel thankful for this opportunity of another year’s study in Kyoto and took it as it comes. I could only speak simple Japanese before, so daily Japanese communication was my second challenge living in Kyoto. Their way of thinking, culture, attitude to life is totally different. Basic courses and teamwork in NTU and advanced courses and individual presentations in KU were a perfect combination in getting a solid foundation and lots of vivid case practice.

Q4. Due to political reasons, you have more restrictions than other students, why you still choose Taiwan?  And so far, do you think a Master's Degree offered in Taiwan helps in your career path?

Taiwan is a place where connects the Mainland and the World closely. It could be a faster way to smoothly going out with all the friends around sharing the same culture and experience, instead of a direct shock without a way back. Honestly I did not know all these political restrictions before I made my decisions, but I did not regret in choosing NTU.

NTU not only offer me a Master Degree or Dual Master Degree’s opportunity in KU, it helps me to restrike the hope of work and life. I make friends from all over the world. I enter into groups of alumni in Shanghai, and share my sights with them. I re-planed my career path in a direction that fits me most, and am able to face all kinds of challenges with confidence. I could gradually feel that a real, new-born, better me is coming out after my experience in Taiwan and Kyoto.