NTU Scholarships
About the Scholarships

NTU and GMBA jointly offer the NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship. In addition to NTU regulations, applicants must also comply with the GMBA regulations.

Successful applicants Receive
  1. Tuition Fee reimbursement up to NTD 65,000
  2. A monthly stipend up to NTD 6,000
  3. A Project Assistantship Opportunity
Application Eligibility
All GMBA Students (including newly admitted and current students) are eligible to apply.
  • First-year students may apply to the NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship for New Students 
  • Second-year students may apply to the NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship for Existing Students.
  • Existing scholarship recipients may also apply for renewal. This scholarship can be renewed up to the end of a recipient's 2nd year.
Application Method
For the NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship for New Students, simply check the box of applying for this NTU scholarship during the online application process to GMBA. There is no applicaiton open in Spring semesters.

For the NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship for Existing Students, an application link will be provided by the GMBA office via NTU email around March every year. 


Applicants are asked to provide the following documents:​​​​​

  • Motivation letter*
  • Latest CV
  • Transcript of Previous Semester at GMBA (Only applicable to existing students)
  • Extra supporting evidence such as Blog or Social Media Posts, Photos and Videos
  • A Letter Committing to a Project Assistantship (See below for more information)
  • A 5 min. Video pitch to the Scholarship Selection Committee 

*We recommend the motivation letter be around 200-300 words in length and limited to 2 pages, including photos. Students applying for scholarship renewal should share their experiences from the previous semester, highlighting the project they participated in, how it contributed to benefiting others and personal leadership growth. Successful applicants may be asked to share their experiences via a Facebook, IG or LinkedIn post.

About the Project Assistantship

The successful applicant will be invited to join GMBA to work on either Research-Based or Activity-Based projects that will positively impact their peers for years to come. There are currently two types from which the student may choose: 

Research-Based Project

The applicant will be tasked to serve as a research assistant with a matched professor on

  • Identifying exciting case topics related to Sustainability and ESG Investing issues in the EU and Asian context
  • Collecting Relevant Data
  • Writing the Case Study 

*These cases may be used in future GMBA classes.
* The Research Assistantship depends on the applicant passing an interview with the matched professor.

Activity-Based Project

The applicant may propose a project in GMBA that benefits team building, diversity and engagement, and leadership skills within the GMBA community or in the broader community. On application, the student should write a short project proposal that explains:

  • The aims and objectives of the project. 

  • The target of the project.
  • Who will be involved in the project.

  • The Financial costs (If the project is accepted, GMBA may provide financial assistance.)
*The project should positively impact a minimum of 20 GMBA students or an equivalent number outside of GMBA.
*The project is subject to approval by the GMBA Scholarship Selection Committee and will also be subject to continual follow-ups.