NTU Scholarship
NTU Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship

This is a combination of tuition waiver/reimbursement and a GMBA stipend. The recipient has to be a research assistant for a GMBA professor.

Application Eligibility 

  • Prospective students 
  • Current students (under the 2nd year) 

Maximum Duration 
  • Prospective students:  ≤ 2 years 
Renewal requirement:  to share the experiences from the previous semester, highlighting the project they participated in, how it contributed to benefiting others, and personal leadership growth. Successful applicants may be asked to share their experiences via a Facebook, IG, or LinkedIn post.
  • Current students (under the 2nd year): ≤ 1 year

Rights and Responsibilities of Successful Applicants
1. Tuition Fee reimbursement up to NTD 65,000
2. A monthly stipend of up to NTD 8,000 (for prospective students)
3. A monthly stipend of up to NTD 6,000 (for current students)
4. Be a research assistant for a host professor in GMBA

Note: Applicants cannot receive other scholarships at the same time.

Application Method
  • Prospective students: through the online application to NTU GMBA admission
  • Current students (under the 2nd year): through NTU OIA online system. GMBA office will announce the link via NTU email around March every year.   

Required documents:
  • Prospective students:
1. Past Years' Transcripts or Advisor Evaluation Form
2. Recommendation Letter for Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship
3. Latest Curriculum Vitae
4. A Research Proposal -  please contact your potential host professor regarding scholarship possibilities and his/her research interests.
5. Other beneficial materials

  • Current students (under the 2nd year): 
1. Motivation letter - around 200-300 words in length and limited to 2 pages, including photos
2. Latest Curriculum Vitae
3. Transcript of Previous Semester at GMBA
4. A Research Proposal - please 
consult a GMBA professor and be interviewed by him/her before submitting application documents. Gather information on the research interests of that professor and generate a research proposal.