For students who were not awarded scholarships, the Global MBA program offers a unique opportunity for students to finance their studies while simultaneously contributing to the Global MBA program and International Affairs of College of Management through the GMBA Assistantship work-study. Students selected for an assistantship are given the opportunity to utilize their unique skills and abilities to augment the Global MBA/CoM International Affairs faculty or employee.
Assignments will be in a wide range from teaching assistant in the classroom, promotional work, organizing events, translation, copywriting and editing, graphic design, and more, depending on the real-world needs. Depending on funding resources, the seats of assistantship vary each semester, however the Global MBA office is trying to increase the numbers of seats gradually. Selected student assistants will have different working hours and work content depending on the real-world needs. In cooperate with such differences, student assistants will receive different salary wages.  
How to Apply


The assistantship application period opens twice per year and usually falls in the summer break and the winter break. All Global MBA students will be notified via email with specific application instructions once the application period begins. Official announcements will also be made seperately through emails before the semester starts. 
Mandatory Pension Contribution & Voluntary Pension Contribution claim applications

By fulfilling an employment procedure, international students may work as student assistants inside NTU. As an employer, NTU must save an amount of money into a pension account each time when student assistants receive their salary. As soon as international students graduate from NTU and decide not to live and work in Taiwan, they may claim back their pension.

All these steps must be completed by international students and this should happen after finishing NTU online de-registration procedure and before leaving Taiwan


Step 1: Fill out the application form
Step 2: Give the form to GMBA office for approval
Step 3: Go to NTU Cashier Division (at counter B3) with the following documents
- The application form (click to download the form)
- A copy of your ARC
- A copy of your bank book (must be the same while you have received salary from NTU)

Note: You should not close this appointed bank account Or your pension money cannot be transferred into your account.

If you have other questions, please contact