Janine Gayle Ang Cervantes & Maria Mona Lissa Dunbar

Janine Gayle Ang Cervantes 洪哲仁 
Nationality: Filipino

I am Janine and I am a Filipino-Chinese with over 5 years of experience in management and marketing. I started my corporate journey as a Management Trainee, worked my way into becoming a Group Brand Manager, and eventually progressed to leading a unit in my last role as a Marketing Manager. While working for a mobile company, I mainly handled the company’s owned brand, working with leading brands in the Philippines and collaborations with global brands such as Spotify, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, NBA, Intel, Microsoft, and more. In order to supplement my local knowledge and retail experience in the tech industry, I also
worked shortly for an American service company that extends its business in aviation operations, emergency medical evacuations and healthcare support, financial consulting, as well as, offshoring and business services.


Maria Mona Lissa Dunbar 鄧莉莎
Nationality: Haitian
I am a Caribbean woman who is looking to expand her knowledge in the Asia-Pacific market for better opportunities. After graduating from Business Administration, I worked as a junior PR for 3 years in the entrepreneurship field in a Business Development Service program elaborated by Haiti’s government and Inter-American Development Bank. I believe entrepreneurship and network are the keys to leverage your career, hence being a GMBA candidate will assist on this goal.