The Core Values of Global MBA

The NTU Global MBA has the goal of transforming students into future leaders in the global marketplace with the exposure and awareness to both international and Taiwanese talents. The distinguished faculty and diverse student body stimulate thought-provoking discussions in class and challenge students to think creatively.


In addition, the program also provides students with opportunities of joining student exchange programs or dual degree programs with reputable partner schools to broaden horizon and gain global awareness. Students will have an opportunity to intern at leading companies in Taiwan or other countries.



Students and professors from all around the world to create a globalization atmosphere

College of Management has established 90+ partnerships. Students have the opportunities to study in Copenhagen Business School, HEC Paris, Kyoto University, NYU Stern business school, Peking University, University of Toronto…etc for exchange or dual degree programs.


College of Management’s reputation as “executive education” is well known. In addition to meeting with top talents from the world in Global MBA, you have opportunities to know current or future entrepreneurs in EiMBA and EMBA to expand your connections to Asia Pacific and beyond.


Innovative teaching methods including case teaching and learning by doing

With a faculty that holds degrees from universities across the world, the program allows students to tap into a wide range of business expertise and international commercial knowledge.


The program uses business case studies and provides corporate engagement opportunities for students to touch real-world challenges. Depending individual competency and interest, students may take the practical consulting program in collaboration with Wharton or join Asian Business Consulting course to work with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Business School (UPM).


Real-world experiential learning through interacting with managers from top companies


Global MBA students and alumni come from 50+ countries with a wide range of different backgrounds, such as business law, literature, medicine, engineering, communications, psychology, political sciences, and foreign affairs….etc. By involving class interactions and Student Council activities, you will practice what you preach in diversity and inclusion on a daily basis.


In 2016, the program launched KIT project, which is a joint program led by National Taiwan University Global MBA, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS).


The aim of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the business cultural practices of the region; in a learning environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and insight into business processes in an “Asian context”.


Leadership development through physical fitness and emotional intelligence

During your time with Global MBA, you will enjoy boundless opportunities to advance yourself. You may learn business knowledge in a comprehensive level, expand your professional and personal network to Asia Pacific and beyond, and sharpen your business skills by engaging different activities and collaborating with diverse people from different cultures. Leadership will be developed through physical fitness and emotional intelligence.

Global MBA will open the doors to various fields of career by connecting you with business knowledge and worldwide talents. For almost a century National Taiwan University has educated the brightest minds of East Asia, fueling the rapid rise of Taiwan as the first Asian tiger state, promoting the region to the forefront of technology and innovation. The excellent reputation of National Taiwan University locally and internationally is what each Global MBA graduate may take from this program.