NTU GMBA Gives Back Amid COVID-19 Crisis
NTU GMBA Gives Back Amid COVID-19 Crisis


With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, NTU GMBA has partnered with Yun Yun Charity Promotion Association to raise funds for the mentally-disabled children in Taoyuan who have been most affected by the crisis. 

While most of us can still go about our daily lives by attending classes remotely or trying bold new recipes at home, let us also lend a helping hand to those who will face difficulties with the most basic of needs.

We are pleased to share that we have raised almost NTD 25,000 over the span of one week, well over our initial goal of NTD 20,000. The Taifu Association has also kindly pledged NTD10,000 upon reaching our goal. We are proud of GMBAers for their generosity during these uncertain times.


If you are considering donating to the cause and help those kids with your kindness, head on over to their website and find out more. https://www.yunyun.org.tw






若還有人想捐款幫助這群孩子,歡迎至台灣圓緣慈善推廣協會官網了解更多訊息 https://www.yunyun.org.tw

(中英文: GMBA一年級郭家驊Vanessa Kwok)