GMBA Christmas Potluck 2020
GMBA Christmas Potluck 2020

Jingle bell~~  Jingle bell~~  Jingle OH MY GOD!  With the increasing number of reporting COVID cases, its really hard to sing along happily.

Glad that we have GMBA Student Council, who organized GMBA Christmas Potluck event on Dec 26 which was lots of fun!  For it’s a Potluck event, people bring along their beloved food, and some are the famous cuisine from their home country!  Some examples were: Honey baked ham and turkey from the States, Fried flat noodle with beef and BBQ pork and roasted chicken platter from Hong Kong, Spicy papaya salad from Thailand, and of course Taiwan representative Stir fry and Red bean Taiyaki!

After we are fed, then we had the most exciting exchange gifts!  Everyone prepared both “Angel gift” and “Devil gift”.  The angel gifts are super nice!  We have earphones, amplifier, blankets, lovely cushions, and much more!  While the angel gifts brought us warm, the devil gifts gave us more fun!  A whole fresh cabbage, a box of “thousand-year egg”, and used textbook, and a well-packaged recycle plastic bags.  Everyone just can’t stop the laughter!

With all the smiles and happiness from the event, we all forgot the pressures and gloomy and got recharged for all the upcoming challenges!

(Written by Christy Chiu)