Course Info sessions: Global Management Forum (GMF) & Practice of Managerial Planning & Organization (PMPO)
Course Info sessions: GMF & PMPO

During the afternoon of Christmas Eve we were graced by the informative GMF (Global Management Forum) and PMPO (Practice of Managerial Planning & Organization) course introductions by professor Charles Chang and Dr. MD Cheng. Additionally, we were also fortunate to have two students, Miko Tiu and Thao Vu, come to share their internship experiences with us. Thus, bringing us to a key opportunity granted to those who take either the GMF or PMPO classes, an internship. By taking one of these courses, students will be given application priority for 1 of 9 potential internship spots with one of the following companies: Chunghwa Telecom, BayPay, and LeadBest. 

Coming back to the subject at hand, the course contents are as follows. Firstly, the Global Management Forum course will focus heavily on the OGSM (objectives, goals, strategies & measures) framework, as popularized in many world leading companies, such as Coca-Cola and Honda for example, as well as the BLM (Business Leaders Model). Additionally, there will be a course project working with the company YCM (Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co.) regarding mold solutions consultation. Students will get to visit their HQ twice throughout the semester.

Moving on, the PMPO course is all about planning, organization structure, and soft skills at the workplace. These topics, although relatively straightforward sounding on the surface, will be explored in such a depth that will leave you knowledgeable on both the employee and employer perspectives. If you’re currently, or in the future will be, looking for a job then this class is perfect for you. You’ll learn the expert tips, tricks and industry knowledge related to interviewing and soft skills that you need to land that dream job. Additionally, there will be a course project working with Chunghwa Telecom where students will get to visit both the YangMing Shan HQ and the Taiwan to USA underwater fiberoptic cable terminal location! 

Taken from the expert opinion of Dr. Chang, please do not take both of these courses at once. The work load is more than your average elective class and in order to get the most out of your experience, you’ll want to allocate extra time for project work. Divulging your passion, commitment and ingenuity in either of these two classes could very well lead to a life changing experience.

To top off the fruitfulness of the afternoon, meal boxes were served and little gifts were given for those who asked questions! What better way to spend a lunch hour?


(Written By GMBA student Kevan J. Karstunen)