GMBA Career First Step Workshop
GMBA Career First Step Workshop

August 27, 2020, GMBA students have gathered at National Taiwan University’s College of Management 1st Building to attend a very timely and relevant workshop aptly entitled, “Career First Steps.”

Kicking it off, GMBA’s Yvonne Chen started the session and gave an overview of what to expect for this workshop, followed by Ms. Celia Yang – GMBA’s Associate Director, who gave her opening remarks, before introducing the first of the three (3) valuable guest speakers that have been invited to imparted their knowledge.

First was Mr. Roger Hu, whose experience in successfully helping more than 100 candidates find their ideal jobs within the last 5 years, has brought him several industry insights from a headhunter’s perspective. In an in-house survey they have conducted, it is surprising how only 17% found jobs through online platforms despite it being the go-to method that most people may look into when trying to find opportunities (network & referral at 34% came as the top ways that job seekers have found their ideal jobs, followed by social media at 26%). With this, Roger started with importance of self-assessment and understanding the process, then focused more on the various ways to find employment (such as visiting company websites & cold-calling, using different online job search platforms and the strengths of each, how networking & referrals work and where to find them, etc.) and from his expertise, how to find a good job with the help of headhunters (with more details on what they do exactly and how they select potential employees to match with companies). Roger is currently working as a senior human resource consultant for a firm that specializes in IT talent-hunting and IT system architecture design consulting, and can be reached through roger@profound

The second speaker is Krisztina Gyimes who is also last year’s graduate of the GMBA program, talked more about her struggles and successes while job-hunting in Taiwan. With GMBA being a global master program, many related to her pain and challenges in finding employment as a foreigner and as a recent graduate in the time of a global crisis. She shared some pointers for resumé-writing, as well as, hiring trends and why one should or should not work in Taiwan. Her journey resonated with the audience as she talked about her personal experiences, unconventional tips in applying for jobs, her eligibility of being hired as a foreigner and communicating the process to potential employers, and ultimately, attendees were just as hopeful to getting hired in Taiwan, just as Krisztina had many opportunities to work under different businesses and roles.

Another GMBA alumnus, Alec Jones, was the third guest speaker. He shared many of his golden nugget on switching jobs and industries in Taiwan after graduating from the program. Alec talked about the working environment in Taiwan, avoiding pitfalls and finding the right company, busting the myth of pre-conceived notions about hiring foreigners (including dealing with the administrative processes and work permit requirements, how a foreigner and their employer can collaborate and work together smoothly, other crucial things to keep in mind), recommendations on job platforms, acquiring technical skills and know-how, interview and negotiation tips, and more.

Afterwards, a question-and-answer portion followed by a quick coffee break allowed everyone to have the chance to interact more with the speakers and get additional advice in a more comfortable setting.

Wrapping it up, Ms. Christy Chiu from the GMBA office gave everyone a walkthrough on how to create an online resume and set-up a 104 account of their own to help everyone search for jobs and apply for the desired openings immediately and more easily through 104 Manpower Bank, one of Taiwan’s most popular online portals dedicated to finding job opportunities.

Taking an MBA program is a big step in one’s journey – for most, it is in hopes to further their career, develop necessary skills for today’s workplace, and open more windows of opportunities that lie ahead. These workshops do not just provide both current and former students practical resume and hiring tips, but more importantly, bridge what GMBAers learn with how they earn. Although Taiwan has been blessed with amazing health management and containment of the COVID-19 virus, the pandemic has undoubtedly affected several businesses, industries, and individuals. As such, navigating the current job market has been a tricky situation to be in. “Career First Steps” is exactly the first step in allowing current students and alumni alike to get started and transition back to the (and/or in between) workplace/s.

Written by 
Janine Cervantes


8月27日GMBA學生來到國立台灣大學管理學院一號館參加一個實用且與學生的未來息息相關的工作坊——「Career First Steps」。


Roger Hu先生在過去五年內成功地幫助超過100位求職者順利錄取理想工作,而今日他來到工作坊跟同學們分享他在人資顧問公司工作的所見所聞。譬如,在一次公司內部調查中,Roger Hu先生發現儘管「職缺網路平台」為目前求職者在尋求工作時主要採取的管道,但只有17%的求職者能成功地在網路平台上找到理想工作(當中約34%的人是靠網路平台與熟人推薦,其次才是透過社群媒體,約佔26%)。於是,Roger Hu先生解釋了自我評估以及暸解流程的重要性,以及用不同的方式來找尋工作機會(例如:連上公司官網、打電話詢問、利用各求職平台了解公司的優缺點、善用人際關係網絡與熟人推薦、還有如何得到熟人推薦等等),他也分享人資顧問公司運作的細節並教導如何透過人資顧問公司尋求理想工作。Roger Hu先生目前在一個專門進行IT系統人才發掘及IT系統設計諮詢的公司做資深人力資源顧問,若有需要可透過roger@profound hr.com與之聯繫。

第二位分享者是2019畢業的GMBA校友Krisztina Gyimes,他主要分享她在台灣求職的失敗與成功經驗。GMBA是一個越趨國際化的碩士課程,身為外國人且還是剛畢業的社會新鮮人的他而言,在全球面臨就業危機時找工作,無疑帶給他不少痛苦與挑戰。儘管如此,他仍分享了一些書寫履歷的重點和現今僱主聘用的趨勢,也為同學分析了留在台灣工作的優缺點。Krisztina在演講中分享的個人經歷、求職技巧、作為外國人與可能的未來雇主溝通的過程與經驗等等,令台下聆聽的同學深深發出共鳴,為他們帶來深遠的影響,對未來也充滿期待與信心,相信自己也能如Krisztina一樣獲得工作機會。

最後一位上台分享的也是GMBA校友Alec Jones,他跟同學聊到自GMBA畢業後於台灣各行各業工作所學到的至理名言,內容從台灣的工作環境、該避免的錯誤與陷阱,如何找到適合的企業,一直到關於社會大眾對聘用外國人的成見與荒謬之處(包含處理行政與工作許可證的程序、與雇主融洽相處等經驗)、網路求職平台的推薦、磨練專業技能的方式以及面試談判的技巧等等。


對大多數人而言,來念MBA是他們人生中的一大轉變,藉此他們希望能磨練個人必要的專業技巧,打開他們人生更多的職涯機會。今天的工作坊不僅能夠為在校生及校友帶來實用的履歷與求職技巧,更重要的是,它還能將GMBA學生於課堂中學到的知識跟職場應用做結合。儘管台灣很幸運地能在新冠肺炎造成全球動盪的情況之下擁有了不起的防疫成就,然而此次疫情無疑在許多方面影響了業界及我們的社會,如何能在這樣的人才市場中定位自己是每個求職者的一大功課。為此,「Career First Steps」提供了許多實用的指引與建議,相信參加過此次工作坊後,在校生與校友會更從容地面對、重回,或是轉換工作跑道。