Thanyathorn Kunapornsujarit & Peter Chou


Thanyathorn Kunapornsujarit 柯珊雅



My name is Thanyathorn Kunapornsujarit. Before joining GMBA, I worked as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers ABAS Co., Ltd for one year, and worked as a business consultant at EY Corporate Services Limited (Thailand) for two years. These three years of experiences improved my analytical skills and problem solving a lot. My specialties relate to Process Assessment & Improvement, Data Analysis, and Financial Analysis.  I am interested in international business and entrepreneurship. My long-term vision is to have my own business : )



Peter Chou 周岐原



- 12 years experience in the media industry; over 1,000 articles, or 1 million words.

- Was sued in Taiwan High Court once (because of reporting on chaos in a chemical company), but finally, not guilty with no further discussion

- Focused on listed companies in China, HK and Taiwan; also cover Chinese economic and business issues, such as One Belt One Road (一帶一路), corporate governance, investor behavior, family business succession, IPO, and M&A.

- Good at writing, interviewing, and observation

- Incredibly low GPA (majored Business Administration in NCCU), but the strong need for transformation

- Familiar with kids' education and cooking issues