GMBA arranged company Visits to TCY and Telexpress
GMBA arranged company Visits to TCY and Telexpress

IMP proudly presented 2nd company visit trip for GMBA students on 17th Dec to TCY and Telexpress. With the participation around 20 of us departed to TCY in the afternoon.

TCY is a company started in the year 2000 on selling cosmetics products via online platforms and collaboration with other retail platforms.  The company then expanded the product line by launching an in-house brand, SUKI. After 5 years, TCY expanded the market to China and launched the brand in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Next, TCY launched its’ very own activewear brand, Mollifix, in the year 2013, they also got distribution right for other world brand products in China and expanded into the Southeast Asia Market.  Their products are currently selling on their developed platform – “Howday”.  All of us got to know the history and company culture from the sharing by the TCY team.

After the visit in TCY, we proceeded to the 2nd company of this trip, Telexpress.  Telexpress was started in the year 2001 as a customer services provider. Its’ customer base has expanded across few industries, including technology (ie. Line etc), banking industry (ie. Citibank), retail industry (ie. KFC), and FMCG industry (ie. P&G).  The employees are teamed according to the customers they serve.  Due to private and confidential information that each team would handle, all the teams must be segregated to prevent leakage of information.  We were all amazed by the segregation of the teams during the company tour led by the company CEO Mr. Shepherd Chen.  With the development of technology, Telexpress also consistently upgrades its’ system in customer services, including AI to increase the quality and efficiency for the customers and increase the productivity of the teams at the same time.  In 2020, Telexpress also set up a regional office in Singapore to serve the South Asia region.

These 2 companies have once again shown us 2 successful business stories of Taiwan companies with expansion to the world’s market. We are so proud of them.  We sincerely appreciate their insight sharing to expand our horizon further into 2 different industries that we seldom in-touch with within our daily life. 

(Written by GMBA student Hooi Ying Chua)