Alumni Events
2021 GMBA Clash of the Classes Basketball Tournament

        This Saturday, 27th of November 2021, was a special day for all basketball fans: GMBA's internal basketball tournament called "Clash of the Classes" was held for the very first time in NTU Sports Center. This event, like many others, had already been planned for the middle of this year, only to be postponed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

        The format of this tournament was straightforward: A total of 4 teams (GMBA Loungers, Slam Dorks, Tai-Pans, Team Watchout) would play against each other in 3 round-robin games to determine the top 2 and bottom 2 teams. Then these pairings would then form the playoffs, the final matches of the day to determine which team would be able to claim 1st place.

        The event was started with a short opening speech by Edward Wang, President of GMBA Alumni Association and main organizer of this event. A second short speech was given by Prof. Hu, Dean of College of Management, and after this, the games were started.