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NTU Global MBA Alumni Association (GMBA AA)



      除了在臺灣為主要校友會運作的基礎外,海外發展的校友也是對於聯繫非常重要的一環,GMBA校友會更委以這些海外校友重任,不同區域各國的校友被委任為校友大使 (Alumni Ambassador),持續增加GMBA校友在國際舞臺上的影響力,積極推廣國立臺灣大學及GMBA於世界。不只如此,成為有影響力的校友會需要長期經營與維護,於是也鼓勵校友參與成為終身會員,同時建立、維護、更新和管理準確最新的GMBA校友數據庫,使校友間更能掌握彼此近況,最後也為居住海外的校友提供一個網路平台,使聯繫更加順暢無阻且無遠弗屆,尤其儘管在疫情期間,仍能建立強而有意義的聯繫。  


      Since the establishment of GMBA in 2006, the GMBA Alumni Association (GAA) was only established in 2020. The initial obstacles were because GMBA has most foreign students, and domestic students are also actively expanding their careers around the world after studying GMBA. With the growing development of GMBA, the experience contribution and participation of alumni are particularly important. It provides a platform for gathering graduates and future alumni to communicate.

      Promoted by CEO Mrs. Wen-Hsin Hsu and Dean Mr. Shing-Yang Hu, the Alumni Association held an alumni dinner and the first alumni association election on August 14, 2020. Although affected by the epidemic, many alumni still participated enthusiastically. Almost all of them attended, which shows that most of the graduates attach great importance to the establishment of GAA. Mr. Edward Wang, the first alumni president, was also launched after the meeting. Among them, he especially thanked Mr. Edward Hsieh, for agreeing to serve as a consultant of GAA, and working hand in hand with alumni who have already spread in all walks of life. The Alumni Association are also actively preparing for different activities after its establishment, including employment promotion, public welfare activities, sports competitions and networking, etc. 

      In addition to being the basis for the operation in Taiwan, overseas development of alumni is also a very important part of the connection. GAA entrusts these overseas alumni with important tasks which are appointed as Alumni Ambassadors. Continue to increase the influence on international stage, and actively promote NTU and GMBA to the world. Not only that, becoming an influential alumni association requires long-term operation and maintenance, so alumni are also encouraged to participate in becoming lifelong members, and at the same time establish, maintain, update and manage an accurate and up-to-date GMBA alumni database, so that alumni can better grasp each other's current situation, and finally It also provides an online platform for alumni living overseas to make connections more seamless and far-reaching, especially despite the epidemic, to build strong and meaningful connections.

      The GMBA Alumni Association is a non-profit voluntary organization established to connect graduate alumni from Taiwan and around the world. In addition to holding regular gatherings and providing information about the alumni association, it also gives back to the society through donations to charitable organizations. The purpose is to connect current and future alumni and Common platform for support. The Alumni Association is committed to establishing, maintaining and strengthening the close relationship between GMBA alumni, GMBA and NTU, and through close exchanges, cultivate each other as partners and create more achievements together.

2021 GMBA Clash of the Classes Basketball Tournament

        This Saturday, 27th of November 2021, was a special day for all basketball fans: GMBA's internal basketball tournament called "Clash of the Classes" was held for the very first time in NTU Sports Center. This event, like many others, had already been planned for the middle of this year, only to be postponed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

        The format of this tournament was straightforward: A total of 4 teams (GMBA Loungers, Slam Dorks, Tai-Pans, Team Watchout) would play against each other in 3 round-robin games to determine the top 2 and bottom 2 teams. Then these pairings would then form the playoffs, the final matches of the day to determine which team would be able to claim 1st place.

        The event was started with a short opening speech by Edward Wang, President of GMBA Alumni Association and main organizer of this event. A second short speech was given by Prof. Hu, Dean of College of Management, and after this, the games were started.