Student Council
Executive Council 2024

Imagine yourself five years from now: you’re settled into a new job, maybe in Taipei but perhaps San Francisco, Hong Kong, or Amsterdam. On the wall of your office hangs your GMBA diploma, a document forever linking you back to a few short years at NTU.


What does it mean to you? Is it just a piece of paper, or does it evoke bonds of friendship, unforgettable memories, and meaningful accomplishments?


As GMBA students, we believe that we strengthen the value of our degree by:


  • Encouraging lifelong friendships amongst ourselves and our GMBA alumni
  • Investing in our professional and personal development
  • Supporting a network of globally-minded business professionals in Taipei
  • Advocating for continuous improvement in the GMBA, the College of Management, and NTU

We invite you to join your classmates in taking part in the life of the GMBA. Together, we will work to make the GMBA something that everyone – students past and present – can be proud of; to add value to our degrees in a way that goes beyond the number of hours spent in the classroom, marks earned on exams, and pages written in a thesis.

What We Do
  • Unity Ball – the annual celebration of all things GMBA
  • Our biggest event of the year, held each spring, brings together alumni, current students, faculty, sponsors, and partners for a formal evening of reunion, celebration, and connection.
  • LIVE Event Series – Inspiring Global Business

  • Welcoming New Students – Passing the torch

Class-by-class, we welcome the next group of GMBA students through social events and matching activities, and connect one generation to the next.

  • Expanding Our Network and Engaging with Taipei’s Business Community

We connect with professional networking organizations, industry groups, and our counterparts at other global MBA programs in the region. We head out into the world to explore the events, groups, and companies of relevance to business students, because no one person can do it all alone.

  • Social Events
  • Dragon Boat Team – Row your way to victory to the beat of a drum

Both those new to Taiwan and those who grew up here are invited to join in for a hard-fought and fun competition steeped in local culture.


  • Making a Difference in Our Community

For some of us, Taipei is home. For others, it is home… for now. For all of us, community outreach is a way for us to give back to this place and the people that make it so special.

Invest Your Time and Talent in the GMBA
On behalf of all present and past Global MBA students, welcome to our GMBA family! While you are here, you have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. In ways you expect, because of goals you set. And in ways you didn’t expect to, because this is real life, and the best surprises are sometimes those that aren’t expected.
Through planning experiences, Student Council gives GMBA the opportunity to grow together, so we can enjoy the journey of life. We encourage you to join a student council committee:
  • Community Relations -Gets involved locally, and with social service organizations
  • Corporate -Builds connections with companies and sponsors
  • Marketing and Events -Plans and promotes GMBA social events
Joining Student Council helps you get to know each other and your surroundings. It also gives you the chance to experiment and nurture your own sense of what makes you special. And, build relationships by showing what GMBA can do when we do things together.
When you graduate, you will have a story to tell about your time in GMBA. Stories are based on what we think is important, so when we live a story, we are telling people around us what we think is important. Join us, and let’s create a GMBA story you want to tell!
Past Council


  • Peter Lee, President
  • Hana Wojnovich, Executive Vice President
  • Andy Wang, Executive Vice President
  • Allen Fan, Vice President of Event Planning
  • Lea Nowack, Vice President of Event Planning
  • Barry Su, Vice President of Finance
  • Renaud Pen, Vice President of Corporate
  • Huan Jang, Vice President of Corporate
  • Vanessa Kwok, Vice President of Public Relation
  • Lina Qui, Vice President of Public Relation


  • Kai Shang, President
  • Chiong Wei Thia, Executive Vice President
  • Lara Sophie Rudolph, Executive Vice President
  • Chanissara Sirirojana, Vice President of Finance
  • Patty Lin, Vice President of Fundraising
  • Silawan Nawatt, Vice President of Corporate
  • Bo Zhang, Vice President of Public Relation


  • Tina Lai, President
  • Dana Shires, Executive Vice President
  • Michelle Chao, Vice President of Finance
  • Justin Hu, Vice President of Events
  • Lauren Grimm, Vice President of Marketing
  • Sergii Naboichenko, Vice President of Corporate


  • Philip Chang, President
  • Shyam Shankar Ramachandran, Executive Vice President
  • Rufo Manuel Calderon Somarriba, Vice President of Community
  • Sopheara Vath, Vice President of Event
  • Annie Shao-An Weng, Vice President of Corporate
  • Winnie Wen-Yi Lee, Vice President of Marketing


  • Casey Wang, President
  • Daniel Lee, Executive Vice President
  • Montana Srethaporn, Vice President of Finance
  • Lorraine Chua, Executive Secretary
  • Brian Blankinship, Vice President of Marketing & Communications
  • Joe Li, Vice President of Corporate and Community


Committee Members

  • Bowei Chen, Corporate Events Manager, Taiwan
  • Zara Huang, Events & Corporate Relations Manager, Taiwan
  • Melody Lin, Events Planning Manager, Taiwan



  • Alex Chen, President
  • Casper Koh, Executive Vice President
  • Naree Klungpremchitt, Secretary
  • Emily Chen, VP of Finance
  • Christopher Loo, VP of Corporate & Community
  • Steven Chen, VP of Marketing


  • Sally Ko, President
  • Evan Shu, Vice President
  • Yuel Kim, Secretary
  • Kawita Permpoolchokana, Treasurer
  • Timothy Chang, Public Relations
  • John Chen, Public Relations
  • Raphael Zajtmann, Event Manager
  • Matt Lee, Event Manager
  • Hataitip Laowiriyakul, President


  • Amy Fujimoto, President

  •  Benny Yang, President


  • Paolo Lising, President


  • Clare Tan, President
  • Manuel Edghill, Vice President