Company visit at TSMC
Company visit at TSMC

On September 29, 2021, TSMC hosted GMBA students at their Museum of Innovation in northern Taiwan’s Hsinchu City. Our trip to the TSMC innovation museum started near our campus and took a bus from Taipei to Hsinchu city.  It took around one and half hours to get to Museum. On the road, the Professor explained the TSMC background and visitor rules to the museum in order to maintain our professional image. When we arrived, the TSMC relationship manager and museum director warmly welcomed our students as well as thoughtfully hosted the event according to the covid 19 precautions.


Professional museum docents guide our students to understand the Innovation Museum and how TSMC was founded. There are three exhibition galleries: “A World of Innovation”, “Unleashing Innovation”, and “Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC Founder”.  In the first session, students learned the technology and innovation of the TSMC semiconductors manufacturing process and the link between the digital and physical world. The second session was followed by how the company founded an impressive business model from founder Dr. Morris. Lastly, students learned and get inspired by TSMC founder Dr. Morris Chang’s life and his valuable experiences. Our students learned how ICs are making our lives more fulfilling and how they are driving technology beyond our imagination.


We have learned how TSMC contributes to global IC innovation and to Taiwan’s economy.

TSMC is the largest IC chips provider in the world and continuously investing in research and development for continuous improvement. At the end of the museum tours, students can see founder handwriting created with twisted wire art which represents tough challenges but when optimism shines on them, a bright future lays in the path. The quote in English means “Beyond Formidable Obstacles, a Brighter Future Shines” which has given our students motivation for their study and future endeavors.

(Written by GMBA student Thinn Thuzar Htet)