Nov. 21, 2019

What is L.I.V.E.?
It stands for Leadership, Innovation, Vision and Entrepreneurship. They are the mindset and skills today’s aspiring leaders need to succeed in business. The LIVE series invites speakers offering real-world insights on key challenges and opportunities.

LIVE is a student-led initiative of the Global MBA at National Taiwan University, produced for Taipei’s business community.

Social Impact Thinking and Business Innovation : EasyCard – Leading & Pioneering E-Payment in Taiwan


GMBA Student Council brought another impressive L.I.V.E. event on 21st November 2019. For this time, we received a great honor from Great and Powerful 2 Taiwanese business man and woman, Chairman Chiayuan S. Wu of EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Chairwoman Ting Chen of EasyCard Corporation, for coming to share with us their philosophies. Dean of College of Management, Prof. Shing-Yang Hu, also came to the event to give the opening speech. Under the warmness of classic decoration inside Chong Guang Hall, 3 hours of speeches passed very quickly as everyone was clicking into an eye-opening moment.   

Chairman Chiayuan S. Wu came with his great believe in “Reducing Inequality in Society” by changing the way of business thinking from conventional “Just Making a Profit” into “Sustainably Creating Positive Social Impact” so that “Business and Society survive together” echoing the legendary quote of John F. Kennedy, “if a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. His speech addressed an innovative business tool called SROI (Social Return on Investment). SROI reflects not only business performance due to Financial Output but also Social Outcome. SROI tool can be employed not only measuring business performance but also managing and investing into new businesses.

Chairwoman Ting Chen, with her vibrant character of successful Taiwanese business woman, brought to us a great topic of “Leading & Pioneering E-Payment in Taiwan by EasyCard”. Under her leadership, EasyCard would be going to expand its usage into “E-Wallet” in very near future. With “E-Wallet”, EasyCard would be more powerful than before and would create greater values around our lives making it “much more Easy”. In addition, EasyCard is pioneering cross-border E-payment to bring beyond-the-frontier value to its users both in Taiwan and Overseas.

At the end of the event, many questions from GMBA students, exchange students, other students from college of management, and faculty members were brought onto the table and the answers were elaborated with real and fun example case. EasyCard also brought to students who shared their ideas and questions limited-edition EasyCard key rings, which can also be used as an EasyCard, and provided GMBA students internship opportunities. Finally, GMBA Director, Prof. Audrey Hsu, presented to both Chairman and Chairwoman our certificates of appreciation before the ending of this memorable event.

(Written by Nawatt Silawan 金石雨本, GMBA student)