YCM Business Proposal Competition at NTU GMBA.
YCM Business Proposal Competition at NTU GMBA

With the vision of applying the academic into the real world of practical businesses and to enhance the diversity of our students s work experiences, our NTU GMBA and YCM have collaborated to launch successfully the first info session of the business proposal competition on March 24, 2021 with greatly enthusiastic participation from not only our NTU GMBA but also other NTU departments whom interested in the competition. Thank you everyone for making it inclusive.

Who is YCM?

Briefly, YCM is a leading mold prevention consultancy in Taiwan that offers solutions for brands and manufacturers of footwear, clothing, accessories and textiles across the world. They do provide services from supplier to consumer by using their own lab expertise to assess mold potentials and provide solution in procedure from material procurement, shipping, logistics to consumer.

During the info session, YCM’ representatives have generally introduced the firm businesses and their core value of owning a great amount of quality clients around globe such as Nike, Google by well-performance of work-track record; they also shared how have they been tackling with current pandemic situation and got many of our students interest in their anti-bacteria sticker for personal hygiene.   

In order to enhance our teaching quality by reflecting academic knowledge into the real world, our GMBA office Prof Hsu and the whole team also encouraged students to involved seriously into the competition under supervision of our Prof Charles and the next company visit for further understanding of the firm business.

And here are YCM Business Proposal Topics this year (2021):

1)    How to win orders from the top 10 global customers in each of the footwear, apparel, and leather goods industries?
Goal: To sell YCM All Reduce Sticker for mold prevention or odor reduction
Condition: Comprehensive market investigation with data analysis and also provide strategy for mold/odor solutions.

2)    In the post-pandemic era, how to preemptively occupy the global antibacterial consumer product market while global health awareness is rising?
Goal: To sell Anti-bacteria sticker for personal hygiene
Condition: Analyze consumer market for anti-bacteria products through data and provide practical and innovative ideas.

3)    How to set off an anti-mold trend in Taiwan to make companies and consumers actively seek mold experts for assistance and consultation.
Goal: Get Exposure for YCM in the market
Condition: Provide 3-5 innovative topics which can arise discussion and raise awareness about YCM. Elaborate the topics you select. Meanwhile, provide innovative method to set off an anti-mold trend in Taiwan.

Participants will get a chance to demonstrate their business acumen by creating business proposals based on a topic provided by YCM. The cash prize for the top business proposal in each of the three categories is $30,000NTD with the possibility of winning a whopping total of $90,000NTD (if you win all three categories).

The whole procedure has been notified to students whom attended the info session and we are looking forward to having a valuable and rewarding competition ahead from our current fellows.

Great appreciation to YCM and GMBA office for the precious challenge and guidance so that we could be able to enhance our students’ further skillsets in the real business world.


(Written by GMBA student Hoang Thi Nam)