Living in Taipei
Taipei City is the capital city of Taiwan. When local people talk about Living in Taipei, it indicates living in both Taipei City and New Taipei City.
The fast and clean Metro Taipei (subway or skytrain) started its operation in 1996 to carry passengers in Taipei City and New Taipei City. As Metro Taipei is well connected with U-bike, Taipei Bus, Taoyuan Metro, Taiwan Railways, and Taiwan High-Speed Rail, it is really cost-effective and efficient for inhabitants in Taipei to travel within or outside Taiwan.
In addition to using public transportation systems, some of our GMBA students take the advantage of scooters. They drive around the neighborhoods and use them to connect with the public transits. Following are some of the famous scooter brands in Taiwan for you to consider: KYMCOPGOSYMAEONCPIHartfordSUZUKIYamahaVespaGogoro.
If you are an international student, checking “on-campus housing” in the Global MBA online application form will guarantee that you have on-campus accommodation, which will be handled by NTU OIA. If you are an international student without checking “on-campus housing” and would like to sign up for a dorm room later, you need to complete the dormitory application at NTU Student Affairs or register at the dorms’ website. Taiwanese students who want to sign up for a dorm room need to complete the dormitory application at NTU Student Affairs.
If you want to live outside the campus, we suggest you search along with Taipei Metro. You have freedom and right to decide where to live, however considering time efficiency, Greenline, Orangeline, or Brownline stations near G07(Gongguan) where NTU is located is highly recommended, like G08(Taipower Building) G09/O05(Guting), G06(Wanlong), G05(Jingmei), O4(Dingxi), O3(Yongan Market), BR08(Technology Building)…..etc.


Taipei has plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs, supplying delicious local and international cuisine. Convenient stores are everywhere to serve you salad, hot dogs, fried rice, pasta, drinks, coffees, ice creams, and sushi boxes. 24 hours 7 days a week, the city never rest in terms of dining.
For the sightseeing and cultural entertainments, please stay online with the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government at