Breakthrough IoT solutions for the energy transition: a story of UBIIK
Breakthrough IoT Solutions for the Energy Transition: a story of UBIIK

On October 5th, IMP welcomed one of our honored guests - Mr Thomas Ho, the Vice President of Business Development of UBIIK - to participate in the second sharing session with our GMBA students.


Based in Taipei and with its offices in Silicon Valley, Japan, India and France, UBIIK is the largest AMI vertical solutions provider for Taiwan's smart electricity meter deployment. Since late 2019 Ubiik's vertical AMI solution has also successfully landed in Japan and is now expanding to markets in the US, India, and the European countries. With more than 80 employees, they currently focus on advanced metering infrastructure Private LTE Network, and Energy Management. Even though UBIIK is a very young corporation, which was only established 6 years ago, they have reached many outstanding milestones and now have become one of the fastest growing international startups that develops technology related to innovative IoT products. UBIIK has many customers around the world and cooperates with partners and system integrators globally.


Mr Ho was thrilling to share with us his experiences before joining UBIIK. Similar to any students with engineering background, he joined IBM ad HTC in Taiwan after graduation and contributed all of his best to his work there. He did not regret spending his youth and strength to work for those companies since he had learnt much useful knowledge and gained various valuable experiences. He then also joined different companies with different roles such as VP - Customer Success of Noodoe Corporation, VP - Devices of Silk Labs Inc., and others. His advice to young people was that it will be better when they first start to work in big corporations, so that they will be entitled to the opportunities to learn how actual things work in real life, from a very basic to much bigger scale.


What makes UBIIK outstanding with other rivals is how they manage their people and always looking for finding and nurturing new talents. They are one of the few companies in Taiwan who actually offer a very good salary for interns or fresh graduated students. And as he wrapped up his thoughts about the company’s core value of integrity and ethics within and outside the organization, Mr. Ho hailed the UBIIK team for its remarkable six-year long journey.


(Written by GMBA student Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong (Faith))