EMBA Relay
First race to GMBA Running G at EMBA campus marathon relay

Like many of my classmates, I was no different with wanting to challenge myself in every way possible when I started my journey in the GMBA program. I enjoyed working out a lot, but I didn’t like running. For some reason, I just never really felt joy from running. But not long after this semester started, I heard about the EMBA relay race and campus run. This was my chance to try to challenge myself in a new way. I ended up signing up for both.

In preparation for the EMBA relay race, we started training both individually and together as a team even though our classes were at night. We kept our training interesting by running throughout different places, like Daan park, the school’s sport track, or on campus. It was definitely something new and challenging for me, and I found out that the more I trained, the more joy I felt from running.

Sadly 3 days right before the EMBA relay race, I had a small bike accident on campus and hurt my knee badly so that I was not able to run. I immediately notified my team and the back-up runner stepped up to fill my position. So on the race day, even though I couldn’t run, I went to cheer for my team. The day was perfect and the weather was especially comfortable for the race. The competition was festive with all different kinds of runners participating.

In the end, even though I didn’t run, I still had a great day cheering for my friends and felt the rush of excitement as they crossed the finish line.