Proposal and Advisor
Thesis Proposal

As a first step to finding an advisor, GMBA asks that students prepare a short Thesis Proposal.

The thesis proposal is a 1-to-5-page document (excluding addendums and cover pages—See the Thesis Proposal Template). It presents your topic in a practical, doable way by answering 3 basic questions your prospective Advisor will have:

1. What do you aim to accomplish?

2. Why this research?

3. How are you going to do the research?

A complete thesis proposal typically includes:

·        a clear introduction to the research problem or business case,

·        a background and significance section,

·        a literature review,

·        an initial research design and method.

 Please submit this thesis proposal and your topic to be approved by the GMBA office by filling out this brief survey: Survey Link 

Finding an Advisor

When choosing an advisor, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Find your Advisor (s) by January 31 (Spring) or July 31 (Fall)

  • It is strongly recommended that you have taken at least one course from your prospective Advisor

  • Only full-time professors can be your thesis advisor. 
    If you would like to invite an adjunct professor, you also need another full-time professor to be your co-advisor.

Once you have identified a prospective advisor, email him or her with:

  • A personal introduction,

  • A summary of your proposed topic,

  • And attach your thesis proposal.
  • Then fill out the Thesis Proposal and Advisor Agreement Form. Please upload the agreement form signed by your Thesis Advisor and your Thesis Proposal. Please wait for approval from the GMBA Office and the Thesis Committee Coordinator.

  • Filenames should be: StudentID_ThesisProposal.doc/docx” and     "StudentID_AdvisorAgreement.pdf".The f

*If you need help in finding an advisor, please contact the Thesis Committee Coordinator at