Marketing Management
Marketing Management 行銷管理 (Course ID: 749EM0130)         

Being able to analyze a market, develop a suitable strategy and then carry it out effectively is indispensable to an organization, no matter the goals it has decided to pursue. Marketing management involves the introduction of key concepts related to each one of the stages and provides students with tools that will help them set and deliver expectations.

These fundamental marketing notions usually include the marketing mix, STP, marketing communications, and pricing, among others, to allow the student to create comprehensive proposals such as a marketing plan.

It will also apply these concepts to modern-day events such as new economies marketing, B2B marketing, and the challenges presented by international expansion.

The course makes use of lectures, case studies, assignments, and presentations to ensure students absorb and deliver on the course learnings. 

With the completion of the course, students can expect to have a good general understanding of marketing design, and the most important details taking place before and after.

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Marketing Management course review by Alejandro Rodriguez