Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting 財務報導 (Course ID: 749EM1210)

Accounting is a piece of necessary fundamental knowledge in business. I can tell that firms use it as a business language to communicate financial information to internal and external stakeholders. It presents the company's performance and even prevents risks by detecting frauds. Perfectly, the GMBA program put the Financial Report as a core course to create a basic understanding for business learners. 

I personally already have a strong background in accounting, external auditing, financial due diligence from my bachelor degree as well as work experience. Therefore, taking this course is more of a review for me. Nevertheless, I was still able to learn new stuff and more than what I had expected. I like that the course offers many practical case studies related to accounting principles. The variety of case studies has sharpened my knowledge and skill in seeing different aspects of business world. 


Moreover, for students without accounting background, I believe that they will be able to learn a lot of important skills and knowledge, especially from group work. The groups are also divided according to student’s financial-accounting background.  In terms of the case studies, Professor Audrey will also guide us in the process, also giving feedback and conclusions for each group case study presentation should there be more things to add. I personally believe that Professor Audrey’s teaching method is very relatable to real business cases as she always involves students and prompts them to think deeper, more logical and realistic.   

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Financial Reporting course review by Paul (Keerati Pha.)