Valentina Foykar & Miyuki Kinoshita & Ganpurev Dashzeveg

Valentina Maria Foykar 傅曜曦

Nationality: Austrian

Graduated from Karl-Franzens University Graz,Austria
with major in law. 3 years of work experience in
retail management for Abercrombie and Fitch.
Trained in HR, communications, marketing as well
as team building. Working as a store manager for A&F
helped to develop strong leadership, organizational
as well as interpersonal skills.


Miyuki Kinoshita 木下美裕貴

Nationality: Japanese

I have 9 years of work experiences in Human Resource
consulting and media industry after graduating from
Ritsumeikan University. As chief of corporate business
units in Global HR planning division, I have worked in
Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing. Be in charge of a wide
range of industry’s companies (Manufacturing,
pharmaceutical, Consulting, Banking, EC, IT and
so on) and leading cross border diverse team.
Ganpurev Dashzeveg (Megan) 丹玫琳

Nationality: Mongolian 
Student Interview

I can call Taiwan my second home. I have lived in
Taiwan since 2011. Graduated from National Dong
Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan. Worked in finance
after graduation at Fubon Asset Management for
three years. 

Came to GMBA to further advance my education and
at the same time to make new friends and build