Baking Cookies with Intellectual Disability Kids
Baking Cookies with Intellectual Disability Kids

Under the arrangement of our very own GMBAer Anne Lu, we got the chance to attend a baking session with the Intellectual Disability Kids from Children Are Us Foundation on 25th September 2020.

A group of 25 GMBAers were warmly welcomed by the kids at the entrance of their workshop located at Song Shan District.  We were divided into 4 groups, each with an intellectual disabled child as an assistant.

The session started at 9:30 am with a round of introduction of all the kids.  Then, one of the kids, Yu Qing walked us through the steps in making butter cookies.  She especially pointed out the notes to be taken care of during the process, such as the expected texture of the dough, the thickness of the cookies etc.  We started to make the cookies with the help and guidance from our assistant. 

The whole process took about an hour until all the cookies were sent into the oven for baking.  While waiting for the cookies, a volunteer of the foundation gave a presentation about the history and development of the foundation.  We were touched by the unity of families whose kids shared the similar condition. Not only did they help each other, they also assisted their kids by exploring their potential and value of their life through the activities organized by this foundation.

It was a very fruitful and joyful session with the kids.  The session ended with a pack of our own-made cookies and group pictures.


(Written by GMBA student Hooi Ying Chua)