Dec. 19, 2020

What is L.I.V.E.?
It stands for Leadership, Innovation, Vision and Entrepreneurship. They are the mindset and skills today’s aspiring leaders need to succeed in business. The LIVE series invites speakers offering real-world insights on key challenges and opportunities.

LIVE is a student-led initiative of the Global MBA at National Taiwan University, produced for Taipei’s business community.

NTU GMBA L.I.V.E: Grow with Google’s Digital Marketing and Analytics Workshop

As digital marketing skills become essential to grow the online presence of businesses, the GMBA Student Council invited the Grow with Google team to break down the fundamentals of digital marketing and equip attendees with the tools to connect with audiences.

Grow with Google is the company’s initiative to educate students and professionals alike on digital skills relevant to the changing e-commerce landscape. More than 20 GMBA students attended the workshop and actively participated throughout the session.

The workshop kicked off with a detailed presentation of Google’s search engine operations, followed by an introduction to listing business profiles on Google Search and Maps. Through the use of real-life case studies, we explored how targeted ads and data analytics can improve the visibility of a company’s product and services. Finally, we closed off the session with various ways to evaluate the effectiveness of digital ads and campaigns.

Our speaker, Mr Lin, kindly gave us a sampler on more advanced courses to those who stayed on after Q&A. We would like to take the opportunity to thank him and the Grow with Google team for their continued support. If you would like to see more of these events, feel free to speak to the GMBA Student Council!

(Written by GMBA student Vanessa Kwok)


隨著數位行銷在打響企業的網路名聲這部分扮演著越來越重要的角色,GMBA學生會決定邀請「與Google一起成長」團隊來跟我們解析數位行銷的要件,同時介紹適切的數位行銷工具給參與工作坊的同學,使他們能學習如何跟目標受眾(target audience)做連結。