YCM 優克美 company visit 2021
YCM 優克美 company visit 2021

Last semester, GMBA held the 【2021 YCM Business Proposal Competition】 for the first time, and received many students from various departments of National Taiwan University to sign up for the participation. To help these students in getting more first-hand information about YCM and understand the company thoroughly, a company visit trip led by GMBA Professor Charles Chang departed from Taipei to Changhua on the early morning of April 28th. They were heading to YCM, a local Taiwanese company which dedicates to provide a various of anti-mold products. The headquarter of YCM is equipped with an advanced laboratory and a data collection center. YCM is also a company which is strong at its R&D capabilities and innovation.


Since they departed from Taipei in the early morning, it was about lunch time when arrived in Changhua. Therefore, the first stop is to have lunch at a restaurant near YCM. Upon arrival at YCM, all students were divided into two groups, and a series of visits began. The staffs of YCM patiently introduced its products and services, showed company’s vision and mission to the students who were visiting for the first time.


After that, the students visited YCM's innovation and R&D center, from the mold ecology room, laboratory, to the mold culture room that simulates the environment of the shoe factory. The whole program was very tight but informative. The anti-mold technology specialized by YCM is new to many students, and everyone is enthusiastic in exploring and learning this new field. The students took the Q&A time to ask many questions to other participants and the YCM company. Everyone shared his/her different opinions with each other through discussion.


One of the main purposes of this company visit is to connect National Taiwan University students with YCM and create a chance for them to share their insights face-to-face. It is also a good timing for the students to discuss with YCM directly about the topics given in the business proposal competition. Through this business proposal competition, GMBA hopes to help students apply the knowledge they have learned in school to a business environment and at the same time, to provide YCM with valuable solutions for reference.


The precious time always pass quickly. After Q&A and the quick summary given by Prof. Charles, the students were heading back home. This visit is a fruitful learning experience indeed. Thank you YCM, and thank you Prof. Charles from GMBA!


(Written by Roslyn Chien, GMBA student)