Debbie Cheng & Krisztina Gyimes

Debbie Cheng 



Graduated from the University of California Davis in B.S Psychology, Econ as a minor. I come from a fusion family of physicians and businessmen, involved in ophthalmology and shoe manufacturing. Prior to pursuing GMBA, I was the branch director of an educational institute in sciences education. Also, conducted business cooperation with KOI Thé. It's great to know people from diverse backgrounds. Hope to see you all. (^_^)


Krisztina Gyimes 束力雅



I have nine years of work experience with Business Development/Sales and HR (People Operations). Currently, I work in the Semiconductor Packaging industry for TICP.

I graduated from the National Taiwan University’s GMBA program, and the University of Southern California. I was part of the Hungarian National/Olympic Rowing Team for a decade.

• Lifelong learner: practicing failure in pursuit of learning
• Commitment to achievement and quality work
• Strive under deadlines and challenges
• Bring in my Olympics training experience into organizational scaling and building high performance