Happy Halloween Party 2019
Happy Halloween Party

On October 26th, the student councils of two programs (GMBA and EiMBA) of the College of Management at NTU jointly organized a Halloween party at She Design Bar, in Xinyi District, Taipei. The bar was very stylish, modern and elegant. More than 60 students from a variety of nationalities Join in the event. The venue was full of festive atmosphere and the scene was very lively!

The event is another collaboration after the meetupDinner in mid-September. The purpose was to create more communication opportunities for current students from both programs, so that those with work experience could share their experiences, expand their contacts and take the opportunity to be a part of the celebration. At 6 o 'clock in the evening, the staffs of the student council of both sides arrived at the venue to arrange everything in advance, waiting for the arrival of the students. When students started to enter the venue, we saw classmates nicely dressed up, causing a Burst of commotion and exclamation, which successfully unveiled the first wave of climax for the party. With fried chicken, beautifully prepared cocktails and live house music, students kept toasting each other, and cheers came and went. went some people talked about academic courses, some Discussed career planning,And interaction shared their ideal life. Topics were very diverse, vivid, and interesting. The interaction invisibly narrowed the distance between both the students, and the two programs.

When a group photo started to capture the meaningful moment, students joined in, toasting, grimacing, and playing cool. That turned into the most beautiful picture of the night! Everyone was filled with joy and very much enjoyed the activity. Before departures, students Said good byes to each other and seems as if they wanted to stay longer.