Dana Shires & Lauren Grimm

 Dana Shires 石天寧
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-shires-6b467689/

Young professional with experience in two startups with various responsibilities including sales, operations, marketing, negotiations, business planning, and raising capital. A co-founder of HCT Regenerative, the first human tissue processing company in Taiwan, and one of the company’s board of directors. Graduated from Butler University with a BA in Psychology and minors in both Business Administration and Philosophy.

Lauren Grimm 谷柔蘭

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lauren-grimm-(谷柔蘭)-32b41a63
Student Interview


Graduated from the University of Victoria with majors in English Literature and Classics. Later attended East West College of the Healing Arts and worked for a year as a licensed massage therapist.  Has worked as a language acquisition professional in Taiwan since 2010, focusing on advanced grammar and literature for bilingual high school students. Has spent the last several years also working as a school administrator with an eye on organizational and operational systems to help improve the efficiency of the small educational institute for which she works. Has a particular passion for organizational structures that lead to well-planned projects that are executed with minimal stress.