Thesis Examples
The following is a list of thesis examples from past GMBA students:
Academic Theses
  • Chinese Title: 遠距工作對創新工作行為之影響
  • English Title: The Effects of Remote Work on Innovative Work Behavior
  • Author: Kyle Whitehouse 萬凱耀  
  • Advisor:  Leon van Jaarsveldt, Ph.D.  堯里昂 博士
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Business Plans
  • Chinese Title: 貓咪中途家咖啡館
  • English Title: Purr-fect Match Café: Half-Way Home Cat Café
  • Author: Lea Michelle Nowack 勞莉雅
  • Advisors: Professor James Hsieh 謝源弘 教授;  Audrey Hsu, Ph.D 許文馨 博士
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Case Studies
  • Chinese Title: 臺灣公司之遠程醫療服務在泰國的市場契機與挑戰-以臺灣透明牙齒矯正服務於泰國營運為例
  • English Title: A Business Model for Opportunities and Challenges of Taiwanese Tele-Orthodontics in Thailand - The case study of Taiwanese Clear Aligner Service in Thailand
  • Author: Ponlawat Tongklang  鐘旺力
  • Advisors: Leon van Jaarsveldt, Ph.D.  堯里昂
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