NTU Sports Day 2021
NTU Sports Day 2021

NTU Sports Day was back again with pleasant weather and a clear sky. 

The opening ceremony took place on the 3rd of December 2021, at NTU Sports Center. With a long history of tradition, it was already the 72nd year of this big event. Again, we felt the excitement and happiness floating in the air.


The ceremony started by marching around the NTU sports field and gathering with current GMBA students, GMBA alumni, GMBA staff, and other NTU members. We shouted out, "GMBA GMBA GMBA!". It was a real time machine to bring us back when we were younger. The performance of current students and alumni were another highlight of the event that we looked forward to. We were indeed impressed by the fantastic movements and great choreography.


NTU Sports Day showed that our NTU students and staff were not only great in the academic field but also in the sports area. Though, we tried so hard to complete each other. The competitions truly united us. They created friendship by giving opportunities to know each other between students, alumni, and staff from different departments. The athletes enjoyed themselves as well as audiences who came to support them. It was a very memorable event of student life in NTU.

(Written by GMBA student Keerati Phadungkit)