GMBA Scholarships

The GMBA Scholarship Program recognizes students with outstanding academic performance and contributions to the GMBA and broader community. We currently offer 3 types of Scholarship Awards:

1.  The Academic Achievement Award:

At GMBA, we believe that academic achievement is about more than grades. It is also about (for example but not limited to):

  • Leadership in class projects and activities,
  • Transferring academic learning to peers, careers, and business,
  • Learning and Global Enrichment, including participation in International Exchange Programs, Double Degree Programmes, and Global Development Initiatives.
2.  The GMBA Community Impact Award:

We also consider that participating in the GMBA community is a critical component of generating a global mindset. We favourably view candidates who frequently and actively (for example but not limited to):

  • Participate in GMBA activities,
  • Take the initiative to arrange activities or projects that contribute value to the GMBA community,
  • Introduce and share outside resources with the GMBA community,
  • and Share GMBA with the outside community.
3.  The GMBA Career/Industry/Society Achievement Award:

To be a global business leader also means being able to demonstrate responsible career achievement. This award recognizes our working students who demonstrate recent evidence of (for example but not limited to):

  • Excellent Career Achievements (such as notable Promotions),
  • Participation in inclusive workplace initiatives (such as DEI and energy-saving projects),
  • Taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in environmentally and socially responsible initiatives (such as community education programmes and environmental initiatives).
Application Eligibility

All currently registered, active GMBA Students (including newly admitted and current students) are eligible to apply.


Students receiving other scholarships or financial assistance are NOT eligible to apply.
Students who will take a leave of absence or defer admission in the current semester are NOT eligible to apply.
udents will only be eligible for one of the above awards.

Application Method

An application link will be provided by the GMBA office via NTU emailApplicants are asked to:

  • Specify their award preference in the application document
  • Provide a Motivation letter*
  • Provide their Latest CV
  • Provide their Transcript of the Previous Semester at GMBA
  • Provide Extra supporting evidence such as Blog or Social Media Posts, Photos and Videos
  • Make a 3 min. Video pitch to the Scholarship Selection Committee 

*We recommend the motivation letter be around 200-300 words long and limited to 2 pages, including photos. The letter should highlight Global Leadership Values. Successful applicants may be asked to share the letter in a Facebook, IG or LinkedIn post.

If you still have questions about the GMBA scholarship program, please email