GMBA Scholarships

The GMBA Scholarship Program recognizes students with outstanding academic performance and contributions to the GMBA and broader community. 

Application Eligibility

All currently registered, active GMBA Students (including newly admitted and current students) are eligible to apply.

The GMBA Community Impact Award

At GMBA, we believe that academic achievement is about more than grades. We also consider that participating in the GMBA community is a critical component of generating a global mindset. Candidates shall be actively engaged with the GMBA community by arranging and leading projects that benefit all GMBA students. Applicants should thus demonstrate:

  • A diligence in GMBA classes.
  • A high sense of duty to GMBA and GMBA students.
  • Leadership both in and out of the classroom through projects benefiting GMBA students.
  • A high academic achievement as measured through the GPA.
Application Method & Required Document

An application link will be provided by the GMBA office via NTU email. Applicants shall provide the following documents and prepare for an interview by the committees.

  • Latest CV
  • Transcript of the previous semester at GMBA (Newly admitted students are exempt from providing.)
  • A project proposal benefiting at least 10 or more GMBA students, or equivalent outside of GMBA.
  • Extra supporting evidence such as blogs or social media posts, photos and videos
  • A motivation letter - we recommend the motivation letter be around 200-300 words long and limited to 2 pages, including photos. The letter should:
1. Highlight Global Leadership Values.
2. Specify the projects that one is working on
3. Explain how the projects may benefit GMBA community.
Successful applicants may be asked to share the letter in a Facebook, IG or LinkedIn post.
Cancellation of the Scholarship

GMBA reserves the right to cancel this award if recipients:


  • Receive other scholarships or financial aids from Taiwan Government, such as MOE, MOFA, MOST scholarships or NTU scholarships.
  • Take a leave of absence from the program or defer admission in the semester of applying scholarship.
  • Are found to have infringed upon the NTU Code of Conduct or the spirit of this award.
  • Fail to demonstrate their project's development and/or impact on the GMBA community through periodic updates to the scholarship selection committee and the Director of GMBA.

If you still have questions about the GMBA scholarship program, please email