Thesis Proposal Competition

To encourage and assist GMBA students to develop high-quality dissertations, we have initiated the Thesis Proposal Competition. The competition will be held in the Fall semester with the dates announced by the GMBA Office.


Target Participants

All GMBA students who are planning to complete their dissertations are encouraged to enroll.  

  • The deadline for submitting the thesis proposal will be on December 8, 2023. 
  • The submissions will be evaluated by a committee of professors and the best submissions will be shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the Presentation session in December. 
  • Participants in the Presentation will have 10 minutes to make their presentation (excluding Q&A) to the Judges.


Rules for Participation

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled GMBA students.
  • Once the Thesis proposal has been submitted, the topic should not be changed. If this is unavoidable, please contact the competition coordinator to discuss the situation.
  • A GMBA Thesis Proposal can be
    • An Academic Thesis
    • A Case Study
    • A Business Proposal
  • The Proposals should include
    • a clear introduction to the research problem
    • a background and significance section,
    • literature review,
    • research design and method
  • The Proposal should be 
    • Approximately 1~5 pages in length, excluding addendums, references and cover pages.
    • Formatted in Times New Roman 12pnts, double space.
    • Citations and Headings should be Academically formatted in APA or similar.
    • Be proofread prior to submission.
  • Once a candidate has been selected as a winner
    • The topic may not be changed.
    • Check-ins will be conducted to ensure prize recipients stay on track and meet quality requirements.
    • Candidates may be asked to write a blog or join a thesis writing seminar to share their Thesis Writing Journey with their peers.


Prizes for the competition are divided into two categories:

  • The winner(s) of the Gold Prize will receive a conditional* scholarship reward of up to NT$ 50,000.
  • The winner(s) of the Silver Prize will receive a conditional* scholarship reward of up to NT$ 40,000.
* Scholarships are conditional on meeting GMBA quality standards and rules for participation.
Thesis Proposal Competition 2021
GMBA held its first Thesis Proposal Competition in 2021. 

During our final presentation session, we had 11 presenters. 
- 3 presenters received the Gold Award and NT$50,000 prize money.
- 2 presenters received the Siver Award and NT$40,000 prize money.

The Presenters shared a wide array of topics. We list the topics of the winners (linked to their proposals):

Gold Award Recipients
1.  Kyle Whitehouse: 
- Thesis Proposal Topic: 
Effects of Remote Work on Innovation 
- Completed Thesis: 

2. Gabriel Lafond-Wise
- Thesis Proposal Topic:
Looking North - Arctic natural resources to fuel Asia’s green energy transition

3. Walt Yao
- Thesis Proposal Topic:
One JPEG for One Million- An Investigation into NFTs and their impact to cryptocurrency

Silver Award Recipients

1. Oliver Ibbetson
- Thesis Proposal Topic:
A Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) Approach to Management

2. Mark van Huijkelom: 
- Thesis Proposal Topic: 
Evaluating and Increasing the Success of Applying Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Environments
- Completed Thesis: 


Experience Sharing from our Gold Award Recipients