NTU requirements

Finally, you need to check that you have met all graduation requirements.

  1. Please check with NTU library for the online thesis submission system:

  2. Please check the graduation steps at myNTU to ensure you did not miss anything: https://my.ntu.edu.tw/StudLeave/LoginEnglish.aspx

  3. For the details of the Post Oral defense procedures, please see the Thesis Handbook, pages 42-43.

  4. For international/Overseas Chinese students, you will be able to renew your ARC for 6 months (can be renewed twice) from the date of your graduation diploma. If you graduate in the Fall semester, the date shown on the diploma will be January of the year and if you graduate in the Spring semester, the date shown on the diploma will be June of the year.  Please see NTU OIA website for more details:

    Please print at least 3 hard copies of your thesis, 2 are to be submitted to NTU library, and 1 to be submitted to GMBA Office. Please also upload your thesis here before you come to us: https://gmba.cloud.ntu.edu.tw/thesis