10+ days before defense

To arrange for your Oral Defence, you need the agreement of your advisor. Confirm with your advisor(s) regarding the oral defense committee members, date and venue. It is recommended that the oral defense time be scheduled Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.

For committee members, keep the following guidelines in mind:

 A committee should be 3-5 members (including your advisor(s)), with no limitation on NTU or non-NTU members. 

  • Members of the committee should contribute to the topic, creativity, presentation, or technical aspects of the thesis, and have at least one of the following traits:
    - Current or past (assistant/associate) professor
    - Current or past (assistant/associate) researcher of the Academia Sinica of Taiwan
    - A Ph.D., with significant academic achievement
    - An accomplished expert in the thesis-related field (Committee members are usually confirmed by your advisor)

  • A committee member cannot be your family member.  

  • If you have 2 or more advisors, please invite at least 2 other committee members when doing the oral defense. 

  • Other preparation arrangements are at the discretion of thesis advisor(s).

 If you are in rush to finish the graduation procedures, you may also submit your thesis to receive the Post Oral Defense Checklist for Academic Formatting and English Quality HERE and get the advice from the English Proficiency Examiner in advance.  

However, if you significantly revise your thesis after the oral defense according to the recommendations of the committee members, you will have to submit it again for a proficiency check.