Organizational Behavior 組織行爲 (Course ID: 749EM0150)   
Organizational Behavior 組織行爲 (Course ID: 749EM0150)   

Organizational Behavior is the study of the behavioral dynamics of individuals and groups in organizational settings, including corporate offices. To meet their short- and long-term goals, business leaders need to understand what motivates their employees and how they interact with each other.


This course is designed as a compulsory within GMBA program due to the necessity of its management skill in any organization and enterprise, the course aims to obtain the concepts of how employees react differently in particular working situation. It is the human factor that is contributory to the productivity hence the study of human behavior is important. and which kind of leaderships styles are in real world by collaborating the academic studies/researches worldwide and most importantly, real work experiences sharing from our GMBA students shall be reflected through class discussions.


This class is basically beneficial to almost every single individual since we are all living in some groups of organizations, either that is a family, community, social organization, workplace or any other business enterprise. We shall learn academically how many types of personal traits, big five analysis and the impact of personality on performance; from analyzing big 5 we can have more flexible understanding on job matching with which type of personality and plan better for the job recruitment (use right person for the specific job). An important key takes away for the course is about leadership styles and to know further how does it reflect your organization, is there a totally right or wrong leadership style? A part from analyzing how people behave differently, we also discuss about emotions and to find out if emotion is welcomingly accepted in any organization. The above mentioned three main topics do have correlation and strong impacts onto each other, eventually reflect on the enterprises’ images and success.

It is strongly advised that students who is going to take this course should enthusiastically involve into every class discussion of real life case studies to have a great learning experience, it is where you learn not only from professor but also your peers precious and diverse work experiences.

Organization Behavior course review by Nancy Hoang