Dana Shires & Lauren Grimm
We have great opportunities for identifying resources and networking within our GMBA class alone; however, many of us lack knowledge of most of our classmates' backgrounds and experiences, let alone those of the alumni and professors. GMBA Connect can work as a platform or tool for all current students, alumni, and faculty to get to know one another. Short but explicit descriptions of personal background information will be posted on the website and GMBA newsletter. Self-presentations will be given on Monday and Wednesday evenings before core classes. GMBA Connect is a great way to learn about one other.

 Dana Shires 石天寧
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-shires-6b467689/

Young professional with experience in two startups with various responsibilities including sales, operations, marketing, negotiations, business planning, and raising capital. A co-founder of HCT Regenerative, the first human tissue processing company in Taiwan, and one of the company’s board of directors. Graduated from Butler University with a BA in Psychology and minors in both Business Administration and Philosophy.

Lauren Grimm 谷柔蘭

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lauren-grimm-(谷柔蘭)-32b41a63


Graduated from the University of Victoria with majors in English Literature and Classics. Later attended East West College of the Healing Arts and worked for a year as a licensed massage therapist.  Has worked as a language acquisition professional in Taiwan since 2010, focusing on advanced grammar and literature for bilingual high school students. Has spent the last several years also working as a school administrator with an eye on organizational and operational systems to help improve the efficiency of the small educational institute for which she works. Has a particular passion for organizational structures that lead to well-planned projects that are executed with minimal stress.