Mikhail Tiu & Ginny Liu & Jorge Naranjo
We have great opportunities for identifying resources and networking within our GMBA class alone; however, many of us lack knowledge of most of our classmates' backgrounds and experiences, let alone those of the alumni and professors. GMBA Connect can work as a platform or tool for all current students, alumni, and faculty to get to know one another. Short but explicit descriptions of personal background information will be posted on the website and GMBA newsletter. Self-presentations will be given on Monday and Wednesday evenings before core classes. GMBA Connect is a great way to learn about one other.

Jan Mikhail Tiu 秋彥
Nationality: Filipino

My first job was for Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) a Malaysian bank back in the Philippines and I worked as a Project Management for Retail Banking as well as participated in various Lean Sigma initiatives in order to improve the processes of the businesses. I then transferred to Citibank N.A. where I worked under the CitiLean and Smart Automation group, which facilitates workshops and projects utilizing the principles of Lean Sigma. I came to Taiwan to earn an MBA degree and at the same time to learn Chinese and expand my network.

Ginny Liu 劉育吟
Nationality: Taiwanese

Graduated from Engineering Science and Ocean
Engineering at National Taiwan University. I have 4
years of working experience including being a product manager and a sales engineer joined ASUS as a product manager for my first job, in charge of the Notebook mainstream series, enjoyed cooperating with diverse people and getting a sense of accomplishment while solving a dilemma. Started a journey in MBA in order to acquire a systematical knowledge of business and to build connections with friends from different backgrounds.
Jorge Naranjo 能合杰
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorge-naranjo-%E8%83%BD%E5%90%88%E6%9D%B0-5ab0992b/

Nationality: Ecuadorian

Over 7 years of cross-functional operations experience in production scheduling, project management, international procurement, inventory management, and demand planning.  I obtained my first master’s degree from The Australian National University in International Business with a Supply Chain Specialization. Currently, I am learning Chinese and dedicating a lot of time to rugby.