Alumni Interview of the Month
Jessica Sun, Class of 2010

Jessica Sun(孫婕), President of GMBA Alumni Association, my journey began with NTU's Global MBA Class of 2010 and later the NTU EMBA Class of 2019. Taiwan is where I was born, but at the age of 13 I relocated to the U.S. After earning my Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley, I returned to Taiwan to join Sungreat General Supply as VP of Sales where I explored international trading in China, Middle East, South America, and Africa. As new opportunity approached, I made the transition to coordinate cross-border e-commerce projects at Test Rite International Co.

My NTU Global MBA Journey

Back in 2008, when NTU's GMBA program was still in its early stage, I seized the opportunity to enroll. Fresh from the U.S., hungry for knowledge, I was drawn to NTU GMBA's diverse student body, renowned faculty, and the extensive resources NTU offered. GMBA offered students a dynamic platform to expand their knowledge and skills beyond traditional education. Within the structured framework and curriculum, I explored through a diverse array of subjects which not only equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of business principles but also fostered critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership capabilities. Moreover, I gained so many lifelong friendships within the GMBA community.

Post-graduation, I ventured into China, applying my learnings from GMBA to spearhead international trading operations. My expertise led to invitations as a guest lecturer at colleges, where I shared my insights on global commerce. As a person who embraces challenges, I then transitioned to Test Rite, where I now coordinate cross-border e-commerce. From product selection to marketing strategies, I bridge markets from Taiwan, China, Vietnam to the U.S. and eventually Europe.

Advice for Future Students

Looking back, my GMBA experience was nothing short of transformation. I urge fellow students to explore diverse electives while mastering core classes, and to actively engage in student activities and alumni network. Now that I have graduated for over 10 years, when I think back about my GMBA time it was full of laughter and inspiration, and it is my honor to be the Alumni Association President. If you are not in the Alumni Association yet, please join now! We have already hosted movie night and seminars this year, and there are many more events to come. Let's reminisce, learn, and grow together in GMBA.