GMBA needs your support

Back to the time we launched GMBA in 2006, we have less than 30 students in a batch, but for now, we have more than 60 students admitted each year.  When we are welcoming the 13th batch of freshmen in coming September, we have reached 500 family members!  GMBA is now such a big family with our own culture and a strong sense of belonging.


To make our program to become stronger, your support take a very important role.  As initiated by alumni, we now have our own GMBA donation account, and your donation will be spent exclusively on GMBA students/alumni activities.  Donation is tax-deductible, what you need to do is just simply fill in the form then send it back to us.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the GMBA office at, or 02-3366-4304.