There are various scholarship offerings for international degree students. You may check each scholarship requirements before going on application.
Taiwan Government Scholarships

1.         MOE Taiwan Scholarship 
2.         MOFA Taiwan Scholarship 
3.         MOST Taiwan Scholarship

NTU Scholarships

1.        Financial Assistance Grant for International Students
2.        The 6th Gratitude & Heritage Scholarship & Literature and Art's Competition in 2020
3.        Rotary Club of Taipei Tienmou Scholarship
4.        The Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation-Taiwan Rotary Academic Scholarship

NTU Scholarship
GMBA Scholarship


Who can apply: GMBA Students (including new admitted students and current students)

Description: This scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding academic/application performances. For the new admitted students, the application results are the key factors. For current students, the GPA results from the previous academic year/ semester are the key factors. 

How to Apply: An application link will be provided by GMBA office via NTU email.

Type of scholarships:

  Academic year Semester
Amount 100,000~120,000 50,000~60,000
Duration  1 year  1 semester
Application periods  In the summer break before Fall semester starts  * In the summer break before Fall semester starts
 * In the winter break before Spring semester starts


Other Scholarships