Scholarship Overview
Vision and Mission

At GMBA, we believe in cultivating the global leaders of tomorrow. We believe that global leadership is about more than personal performance. It is about recognising the needs of all stakeholders and demonstrating values that improve their broader environment.

It is for this reason that our scholarship program aims to reward students who demonstrate leadership in and outside of the classroom by applying their knowledge to responsible career advancement, benefiting from projects and initiatives that benefit their peers, coworkers and the broader community, and leading through positive action.

Who can apply? 

All GMBA Students (including newly admitted and current students)

How to Apply?

An application link will be provided by the GMBA office via NTU email (except for 3rd party scholarships). 
*Some long-term Scholarships require that the recipient applies for renewal every semester.

Required Documents:

1. Motivation letter
2. Latest CV
3. Transcript of Previous Semester at GMBA
4. Extra supporting evidence such as Blog or Social Media Posts, Photos and Videos
5. Any additional requirement specific to the type of scholarship
6. Students may also be asked to provide a 1-minute video self-introduction

Scholarship Types:

1. GMBA Scholarships
2. NTU Scholarships
3. Non-GMBA Scholarships (Including by Government and Private Parties)