July 2, 2019
KIT Program is a joint program led by National Taiwan University Global MBA, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS).

The aim of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the business cultural practices of the region; in a learning environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and insight into business processes in an “Asian context”. 

A variety of perspectives are explored with the aim of familiarizing students with the business contexts of Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan, as well as issues pertaining to cross-cultural management, innovation and CSR.

The course involves an overseas stay in the Host Country (Indonesia for 2016-7, Taiwan for 2017-8 and Korea for 2018-9) and incorporates company visits, business meetings, networking with local business leaders, as well as lectures from professors of each partner university. 
KIT Asian Business Consulting 2018/19   Seoul, Korea

On the third day, every teams arranged company visits. While Fubon Hyundai project teams had an intensive full-day meeting with several managers inside the company, Samsung and CJ CGV project teams seemed to be more relaxed. CJ CGV project teams went to CGV entertaining complex and got tickets for newly released Spider man movie to experience the theater from the user point of view. Samsung project teams went to Samsung D’light showroom in Gangnam to see Samsung’s future concept of lifestyle and its new technology.


In real practice, the problem statement or the objective of the project may not be so clear, we need to clarify and confirm it with the RIGHT person who possesses DECISION power. This ambiguity was also happened to us. It made the project more difficult and we had to work very hard. From different point of view, it was an invaluable experience.