Jan. 23, 2018
KIT Program is a joint program led by National Taiwan University Global MBA, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya Business School (PMBS).

The aim of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the business cultural practices of the region; in a learning environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and insight into business processes in an “Asian context”. 

A variety of perspectives are explored with the aim of familiarizing students with the business contexts of Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan, as well as issues pertaining to cross-cultural management, innovation and CSR.

The course involves an overseas stay in the Host Country (Indonesia for 2016-7, Taiwan for 2017-8 and Korea for 2018-9) and incorporates company visits, business meetings, networking with local business leaders, as well as lectures from professors of each partner university. 

KIT Asian Business Consulting 2017/18   Taipei, Taiwan
KIT Program Visits Yuanta Bank for Brain-Picking

After having a nice breakfast together at College of Management Building 1 this morning, students and professors of the KIT Program headed to Yuanta Financial Tower on the intersection of Dun-Hua South Road and Ba-De Road for today’s adventure.

The headquarters of Yuanta Bank and the Head Office of Yuanta Financial Holdings are both situated in Yuanta Financial Tower. Its location is right in the center of the business district in Taipei. The IBM Taipei Building and Taiwan Adventist Hospital, for instance, are just at the corner. With a 48-acre area of land, Yuanta Financial Tower is much bigger than its other branches.


The first glance while entering the Yuanta building is the magnificent but yet elegant lobby. The visit route today was included the introduction to the interior working environment and the outdoor decorations. Students and professors were guided to walk through the lobby, the reception, and the yard.


In concerning the expansion of the Company's business performance, Yuanta has merged proactively several local Banks in recent years. Nowadays, the total number of domestic branches in Taiwan has exceeded 100. As for the market strategy overseas, Yuanta also managed to set up several operational sites in Philippines, Korea, Indonesia and etc.


The last stop for today’s visit is to have a meeting with the Yuanta top managing. KIT students and professors moved to the conference room and listened to their thorough presentations on an overview of Yuanta Securities and Financial Holdings specifically in Korea and Indonesia. The experience sharing in strategies on developing subsidiaries in Korea and Indonesia was very informative as well as the introduction to Yuanta Financial Holdings. These had definitely raised the KIT students’ interest, and an active discussion was seen during the Q&A session.

Play hard, and we work even harder.  Apart from company visits, we also spent a lot of time discussing our case.  Thanks to all professors who deliver their problem identification and troubleshooting skills, we gained a lot in the consultation process.